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GM Engine Passkey Electronic Bypass

$49.99 USD

This circuit allows the engine installer to bypass the Passkey anti-theft security system in GM engines. This is useful for kit cars, street rods or any other kind of project car that uses a GM donor engine that has a theft deterrent system in the engine control module.

The circuit is sealed in a tough, weathertight epoxy, and over 12” / 30cm of wire is included for tapping into the wiring harness.

The wiring diagram for ECMs are extra, please email for specifics. The ECM wiring diagram varies between different engines and cars. Please email us to inquire on the exact engine, by the type and brand of car it was in, the year, number of cylinders and displacement. If the engine is supercharged or has some other special feature, that information is also necessary so an appropriate wiring diagram can be provided.