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We specialize in producing hinges for cars. We offer several different kinds of hinges: door, hood and trunk hinges well suited for production cars, kit cars, classic cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The hinges can be just to dress up a car or to reverse a door to “suicide door” style.

The hood or trunk could flip up, left/right, or frontwards.

Many of our hinges can be motorized or assisted with gas struts.


We can professionally install all the products that we sell, from the basic mechanical installation to body work and painting. Custom car shops interested in being listed as potential dealers or installers of our products should email us for posting on our web site.


Experienced professional installer Ross DeMaagd can personally train people on how to customize cars or install our products into cars, trucks or other vehicles, in our shop or yours. Training is available on an individual basis or to small groups. Please call or email us for specifics.

Street Rods:

We do custom work pertaining to street rods, classic and custom cars. Talk to us if you would like your custom car work done professionally and with the proper equipment. We make custom parts on a regular basis to fit specific needs.


We offer products for the ‘84-’88 Fiero, such as V8 components, door hinges, and other items.

Custom Machining and Fabrication:

We can custom build many parts from aluminum, plastic and steel, for auto and other applications. Street Dreams By Ross, L.L.C.™ has done sill plates, louvers, hinges, brackets, dress-up items, key chains. We also sell podiums, stage props, antenna masts and mounts. We can also put logos or engravings on machinable materials. Please remember that many logos are copyrighted and written permission should be obtained before contacting us.

Air Conditioning:

Street Dreams By Ross, L.L.C.™ is an authorized Vintage Air dealer; certified and properly equipped for air conditioning work. We can sell and install Vintage Air air conditioning equipment into street rods and other old cars that do not have air conditioning equipment. We are capable of handling R12 and the newer, more environmentally friendly R134a refrigerants.
Special Internet and mail order pricing – 10% off Vintage Air catalog list prices with prepayment!
Installation is not included in the pricing and is quoted separately.
Please also visit the official Vintage Air web site!


We also sell the quality Walker line of Radiators.
Special Internet and mail order pricing – 10% off Walker catalog list prices with prepayment!
Installation is not included in pricing and is quoted separately.

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