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H3 Hummer Suicide Door Hinges

$1,145.00 USD

This product line has been replaced with an updated product with more variety. Please click here for more information.

This is a modified design for the Jumbo Suicide hinge, made specifically for the H3 Hummer. It features a more compact flange design, and custom steel mounting plates that save time and effort in installation. The hinge rotates on precision pivot pins with bronze bushings for smooth operation and lasting reliability.

Convert your Hummer's doors to suicide doors using this setup, which includes:
  •   A set of billet aluminum hinges, 5" tall, 4" deep, with a 5/8" thick wall, assembled with flange.
  •   Custom H3 style steel mounting plates, which get welded into the door and jamb structure.
  •   A specially designed reinforcement plate for this application.
  •   Hardware to secure the hinge to the mounting plates.
  •   Written instructions
  •   ...and an instructional DVD with tips and tricks that shows an XL Suicide Hinge Kit being installed on a Dodge Charger, from start to swinging! 
These are high quality and very durable products, made by skilled craftspeople in the USA. We are fully interested in providing parts and service to help bring your vehicle to the next level, and make your street dreams come true.

These are currently special order only, please call to place order and expect 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

 Additional Options:

The hinges can be purchased with a detent upgrade. The detent version has a built-in two-step door check that holds the door open, which is helpful when the vehicle is parked on an incline. This is available at an additional cost of $149.

These jumbo suicide hinges can include a ball stud mount for an optional force return using a gas spring, gas shock or linear actuator. This option is available for an extra $25 per hinge.

The hinges are also available singly to convert one door. This is often done to improve handicap accessibility. Please feel free to call for more information.


Accessories to Make Your Job Easier:

These products will work with your project to make it easier to install, easier to use, and help to give you a more polished, professional end result. Please consider improving your build by purchasing these corresponding products, available under Hinge Accessories. 


  • Universal Door Latch Mounting Plates
  • Universal Latch & Lock Operation Cable Kit

Installation Instructions

 Have you thought about:


Door Wiring Looms?
Linear Actuators?
Ball Stud Mounts?
Door Linkagee Kits?
Strikers and Plates?
Door Latches(if not using original door latches)?